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Writing can be terse. Concise. Impactful and focused.

No fluff. No filler. Business first, play later.

Or one can wax poetic, allowing muses to play instruments of great beauty, hanging ideas like garlands to fill the senses with aromas and notes that calm the savage beast, rouse an imprisoned heart, spark an impassioned response. Bubbling laughter or a thoughtful gaze.

Beforehand, you never know which of these styles will best suit the needs of the moment, but I enjoy both challenges. It's what gives me the joy of writing.

You need an expert, and I have certain specific talents honed by previous exposure.

This does NOT mean you are limited to these specializations: on the contrary, I should have implied by now that I enjoy writing for it's own pursuit, and in fact appreciate the interest and motivation provided by new challenges. So Bring It On!!

MUSICAlive! Magazine
The MUSIC is Alive! And so we publish A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Short sidebars or feature articles await your request

Cultural Review
Whether you need sociological observations about the world around you or me, they abound.

Community Affairs
Either it's a wedding speech, or your basketball team's event calendar: you'll get it, no worries.

Talking to a wide range of people, which I love to do, and then inevitably writing about it. What could be better?

If you're in need of user-friendliness and screen design issues, give me a call. Writing online is quite different from hard copy, so experience is important.

So, you want to see what happens when those muses I mentioned at the top left start playing those instruments? Really? Feeling adventurous, are you?

English Tutoring
Oh yes, I do this too. Empathetic, certified, engaging and reality-based (not mindless rote-learning).

Phone: (403) 813-3824

Email: carey@bearfootfreelance.ca

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                                            What Needs to be Written?    
  This does, of course. And its obvious purpose is to distribute information, as this is doing right now. Informative or entertaining, your son's English essay. . . well, maybe not that one. Letters of introduction, of dismissal, or of proposition. Lighthearted, deferential, or some other emotion. All of these things need to be composed and edited, and I do that.

Please call me and find out more.