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I am an independent researcher based in Calgary, and I have most recently been developing a layman’s level

presentation regarding the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

, to reduce universal “tergiversation’ (a word they use meaning “to confuse with details,” which is an example of why I felt the need to become involved). I call myself an independent researcher because, I have

done presentations

on the writing and interviewing process,

virtual presentations


international conferences

, and have been

academically published

. I have started a company named "a talking game", to present information on diversity and inclusion topics and to facilitate mediation, and in this general field believe that helping disseminate interculturally sensitizing information, or other work in a communicative capacity, might improve Canadians’ (and others) ability to make some important decisions about our world and their future. I am legally blind, and include this learning in the experience that fuels my passions. A Short Biography "Carey's Calgary-centred wanderlust has taken him to Europe for 6 months, the US for 3 months, Australia for 1 month, and China for 3 weeks, not counting numerous travels east and west to the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, or points in-between within Canada. He subsequently discovered that these wanderings were more about the people of these locations than the actual locations themselves, after his need to write about these adventures resolved into memoirs of the people and circumstances of the different locations. The formalization of this desire to communicate better resulted first in a BA (2000) and then an MA (2017) in communications, and the unexpected creation of 4 different businesses: Bearfoot Freelance

(Creative Writing for Hire);

TownMouse Tutoring

(Improve Your English);

MUSICAlive! Magazine

(Live Music Is A Once in a Lifetime Experience);

and A Talking Game

(Facilitating Conversations Between Humans About Life).

Happily ever after.